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What Are The Different Ways To Hide The Online Activities

Hiding online activities from a hacker is important for everyone. Keep privacy while browsing the internet is necessary to get rid of leakage of online information. There are many ways which you can choose to hide online activities. So, if you want to know about the methods then read that article and get the answer to your question.

Top 5 Ways To Hide Online Activities

Top 5 ways to hide online activities


Using the virtual private network is the safe and easiest way to keep privacy online work. VPN software can hide your IP(Internet Protocol) address to show you as anonymous on the internet. Name of such popular VPN companies is Hola and Proton who provides VPN service paid as well as the free version. But free versions do not give full protection as compared to the other paid version.

The paid version gives many features to protect or unblock many sites, videos and games. Due to the full security of the paid VPN, companies charge high prices. And if you want to get a discount then apply for the Hola VPN Coupon Code. This scheme of saving up to 80% is valid for all the buyers of Hola VPN.

Use HTTPS Sites

If you are using public wifi then it is not secure for online information. It can be dangerous for your browsing information. So, use HTTPS sites instead of HTTPS because HTTPS is more secure. At the time of using public wifi, try to visit only those sites which contain HTTPS to protect your identity on the internet.

Install Antivirus

Antivirus also plays a great role to secure your searches which you browse on the internet. If you install antivirus on your device then it cannot allow malware, spyware, or hackers to get access to your information. But if you don’t have any antivirus security on your device then your online information gets leak.

If suddenly any malware or spyware enters your device. With the help of these viruses, a hacker can easily delete and control your activities which you browse on the internet. The best antivirus companies are Kaspersky and Norton. They provide safety to your data and protects your device from the hackers as well as virus.

Verify Network During Use Of Public Wifi

Most of the time, it happen for saving internet, you connect your device with the public wifi. Before connecting with the public wifi, make sure from whose network you have to connect your device. Sometimes, hackers make fake networks to steal your information. Use Wifi connection who has Wi-fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2). It means you get privacy when you are using public wi-fi also.

Use Private Browser

Using of private browser is safe to show you as anonymous on the internet. When you use the private browser or incognito mode then your searches get protected. But, the sometimes private browser is not fully secure. It stores the log by which your information gets store and it leads to leakage of online data. That’s why using of private browser is not fully safe.

Can Anyone See Your Deleted History?

Yes, many hackers can see your online activities even after deleting history. You have visit many sites in a day which contains lots of links. These links may have a virus by which malware or some spyware directly enters your device. And then it becomes easy for the prying eyes to see what you are searching for. In this way, hackers can easily see your deleted history also.

There are many ways which we have discussed above to hide online information from hackers. But VPN and Antivirus software is the best way to hide identity as well activity which you perform on the internet. Hola VPN offers up to 80% saving on applying the 3-year plan. the best deals to their users. Grab the chance to get a virtual private network service within your budget.

How To Hide Browsing History?

Now you know the answer that what ways you have to choose to becomes anonymous on the internet. But do you how to hide the history which you browse during online activity. This is also important for every user to protect their data from prying eyes.

  • Delete all the cookies
  • Log out from the search engine which you have used
  • Install plugin to block the ads and protect online data from tracking.


You have read out the full article and get alert how to secure browsing information. You can protect your browsing and online activities on the internet by using all the tricks shown in this article. But every method is not fully secure except using of VPN. A virtual private network is one of the best software to provide privacy during searches.



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