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What Is Menhood Walker – A Comprehensive Review

Smelly feet and unbearable odor is something that I was always tired of, and it’s here that I thought of using a product that could waive off all the troubles I am facing. I initially knew about Menhood products, as I had started using the Menhood trimmer.

Now, this time, they came up with a unique spray known as Menhood Walker. Like the Menhood trimmer, the “Walker” is created uniquely for men. But this product is for those people who have “stinky feet,” like me.

Yeah, I had trouble controlling foot odor, which made me embarrass myself in front of others because my feet gave out a foul smell. Just as the Menhood trimmer can provide you with an excellent outcome, so will the Foot Spray from Menhood. Today, I just thought of sharing my experience of using the Menhood spray, so that all of you can get a clear idea of its functionalities.

What’s So Special About Menhood Walker?

Where should I begin? There are a lot of things that make Menhood Walker so special. The creators of the Menhood grooming trimmer have used unique and natural ingredients to make this product, and I must say, they have used some of the best products.

  • Firstly, the spray contains peppermint. Once you spray the product on your feet, you will feel as if you have been sitting in an air-conditioned room. Peppermint acts as a natural cooling agent to prevent itchiness and redness from occurring on your feet. It’s pretty similar to the Menhood grooming trimmer because it keeps your feet fresh.
  • Another ingredient, which this spray contains is Bay Leaf. Bay Leaf works as an antibacterial and antiseptic, which is ideal for treating aches. But in this case, it will keep out bacteria from your feet and can prevent the stinky smell. Just like how you feel smooth and fresh after using the Menhood trimmer, the spray will do the same.

Menhood products

Menhood products are great! Even after using the ball trimmer from Menhood, you will feel your skin has become smooth and soft at the same time. So, when you use the Menhood Walker for your feet, you will get a similar feeling.

  • This is mainly because of the ingredient, Glycerin. Glycerin plays its part and helps the skin to retain moisture. Due to such reasons, your feet will be that dry and keep them fresh and smooth at the same time.

Why I Recommend This Product 

Men use the ball trimmer for many reasons, and this spray from Menhood is also popular for countless reasons. Based on my research and knowledge, I have listed some of these reasons here:

  1. The product is trusted by many athletes: Menhood’s products, such as the ball trimmer or Menhood trimmer [Call it whatever you like], are highly trusted by many celebrities. The Menhood Walker, on the other hand, is used by many athletes, joggers and even runners to keep their feet clean.
  2. Offers stink-free and dry feet: When the day ends, your feet becomes hot, stanky, and soaked in sweat. Just one spray on your feet will be enough to keep them stink-free, dry and cool.
  3. The feet therapy: The Menhood Walker plays its part as a feet therapist. People who hit the gym, wear work shoes, and go out for a run every time, do not care too much about their feet. With this spray, you can keep your feet in good condition, and just like all the products of Menhood, including the Menhood trimmer or the best trimmer for balls, the feet spray will keep your feet in good condition.
  4. All-Day Freshness: The foot is said to be the most exposed area of a body, and it’s filled with bacteria and dirt. But you can easily get rid of them with this spray. All Menhood products, which include the best trimmer for balls, can keep a man’s body clean and stop unwanted issues from occurring. Similarly, this foot spray will refresh the foot and protect the feet from getting cracked as well.
  5. Prevents the Feet from Cracking: The foot spray has a natural formula, your skin will absorb it instantly. In return, it will provide you with smooth and firmer skin. Just the way the best trimmer for balls from Menhood, keeps your private area safe from redness or rashes.
  6. Relaxes The Feet: This foot spray will keep your feet relaxed and lessen foul odor. Not only that, it will provide 24 hours protection from frowziness.

Parting Words

Before I end my review, I would highly recommend you use this product from Menhood. Just like the Menhood trimmer has provided outstanding outcomes, you will also receive best results when you use the foot spray. The product is available at a price you can afford, and it would be better if you purchase it from Menhood’s official site. So, now it’s time that you bid goodbye to all the foul-smell.

Here is the place to buy the product:



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