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Whatsapp Spy For Parents: Its Time To Find The Root Cause Behind Poor Grades Of Your Teen

My elder sister was begging me to visit her for the last two weeks and because of my busy work schedules, I could not go. So when I visited her, she was acting all suspicious right from the start.  I was hoping that it would not be a serious thing but the way she grabbed my wrist and took me to the study in panic mode I guessed it was serious. Turned out my niece who was a straight-A student is now struggling with her studies. That was pretty much unbelievable, but she told me that she got a call from her teacher and she was surprised as well and asked if she is having any trouble at home.

I told her I will find a way to know about the details. I met the girl and the first thing she asked me was to add her on social media accounts. Well, that was the start I did it and then after that, it was a 45-minute nonstop chat about how wonderful social media apps are, and how really internet has made the world a global village. She told me she has made some new friends as well through WhatsApp and Snapchat. In short, she is enjoying herself a lot and having great fun. When I ask her bout the studies it was just a one-line response of its going fine kind of reply. Her behaviors and sudden change of tone showed that there is still a ray of hope.

So all I did was, tell her mother about the OgyMogy spy app. The monitoring software offers android, Mac, and Windows monitoring services that allow the user mostly parents to keep a check on the teenage online activities. I told her about her daughter’s obsession with the newly discovered social media world and simple suggestions that a feature like WhatsApp spy app, Snapchat spy app, or Facebook spy app will do the work.

Selection Of Bundle:

The first and basic step is a selection of a bundle of the OgyMogy. Of course, we wanted the one that covers most of the social media platforms. It is not a problem when you chose the OgyMogy spy app as they uniformly offer all the advanced features in every package. The main concern was convincing my sister to choose a seasonal bundle. As she was new to this, so she wanted to check first. OgyMogy whatsapp monitoring tool for kids keeps in mind the new user mentality as they offer a monthly bundle at a reasonable cost.


Installation was not a problem as we have physical access to the kid’s cellphone.

Brief Intro About WhatsApp Spy App:

WhatsApp spy app gives a backdoor remote access to all the  WhatsApp activities of the kid. Parents can know about everything their teens are doing on instant messenger chat apps accounts and that too without letting them know.

Monitor The New Friends:

With access to the chat, group users can know about all the new friends their kids have made through the instant messenger chat app. You can read the personal and group chats and check out what kind of discussion usually happens between them on WhatsApp. Track any use of foul language or know about any bullying, harassment, or threatening message happening right away.

Keep An Eye On The Newly Added Contacts:

The WhatsApp spy app updates about any newly added contacts and it is necessary in the world where you can add anyone from anywhere just with a simple click.  WhatsApp allows its user to join any group with a link and you don’t know even if it’s a teenager group or not. Although I don’t know what is more dangerous a pure teenage group or mix teenage and adult group on WhatsApp.

Remote Access to Late Night Video Calls Log:

With friends from around the world, your kid may be chatting and making calls late at night. Whatsapp spy app allows the parents to know about incoming and outgoing call logs and track such habits right away.

Sent And Received Media Sharing:

Monitor media files shared through the app easily with OgyMogy.

Well me sister wants to get the yearly package now. All I have to say is, give this app at least a try and have a helping hand from the technological world.


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