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Why Plastic is Still a Top Choice for Packaging

You come back with more than just one plastic bag when you go for grocery shopping. But not just for bags, plastic packaging is heavily used for products and millions of other items as well. Despite earning a bad name, plastic packaging is preferred by companies.

Whether you opt for upfront purchase or online, plastic packaging is something that is pretty common. But why companies cannot get past plastic when it comes to choosing plastic packaging.

Plastic bottle packaging South Africa or plastic packaging for some other product in any other location of the world is what companies go for. Well, the perks of using plastic packaging in business is more than you can imagine.

Below we have listed out some of the benefits of plastic packaging that makes them still a top choice when it comes to choosing packaging options. Continue to read till the end why companies prefer plastic over any other alternative for packaging.

1) Plastic packaging is versatile

When it comes to choosing packaging for any of the commercialised products or items, plastic is an obvious choice. Why? Because plastic is a highly versatile material.

Therefore, it can be moulded into literally any shape. Whether there is a requirement for thick packaging or thin packaging, plastics can be used for creating any type of packaging.

 The versatile nature of plastic can be used and formed into any desired shape. Companies use plastic for creating all sorts of packaging such as pouches and bags, drums, shells, plastic bottle packaging South Africa or in other locations.

2) Plastic packaging is lightweight

Did you know that more than 50 percent of all European products use plastic packaging but the overall packaging weight for all of these items accounts for only 17 percent? It is because of the lightweight characteristic of the plastic material.

The cost of packaging increases in terms of its net weight. However, plastic is almost 4.5 times lightweight compared to its alternative options. Not just in terms of cost, the alternative options need increased material output for manufacturing the same amount of packaging.

Therefore, plastic packaging for its lightweight nature is preferred by companies as the manufacturing and shipping costs are reduced significantly.

3) Plastic packaging is durable

Another benefit of using plastic packaging is the durability that it has to offer. When it comes to packaging, durability is an important criterion as companies don’t want their products to perish or get damaged.

Durability is not just essential for saving the goods from getting damaged, but durable packaging also ensures that they consume reduced energy during production. With less chances of causing wear and tear, companies can protect products efficiently.

This is why companies majorly incline towards plastic packaging.

4) Plastic packaging is cost-effective

This might be the highlighting benefit why companies still go for plastic packaging. Companies save a lot when they choose plastic over any other material for product packaging.

Companies don’t need to pay a hefty amount for shipping and transportation due to the lightweight nature of the plastic packaging. Also, the production for plastic packaging consumes less energy consumption, therefore, saving cost in that criterion as well.


Over the years, several other packaging alternatives have emerged and many companies have readily adopted the alternatives. Still plastic is one of the top materials used for product packaging by companies.

All thanks to the many benefits provided by this material. While the use of plastic packaging is controversial, in recent times, plastics are produced in such a way that they can be recycled and leave a reduced carbon footprint.



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