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10 OTT Best Sites of 2021 for Binge-Watching

As the COVID 19 hit the world in 2020, limiting us within the four walls of our homes, we found out how difficult could it be to kill spare time. We did it all – whipped some Dalgona coffee, became a master chef, read books, painted and everything. Yet, the minutes passed by slower than ever, and it seemed like the day never ended. However, the only activity that saved the dull days was binge-watching all those movies and series we did not have time for earlier.

And it isn’t just about killing time! Watching a sitcom or a series gave us the window to escape the bleak reality of the pandemic we were living in. Students said how watching a few episodes of a light-hearted sitcom before getting assignment help could blow off steam. Yes, binge-watching movies and series can be quite a stress-buster. So much so that binge-watching has been termed as the hobby of the year globally, with the digital entertainment market being the second-largest industry. However, most streaming sites come with a price. But every cent you spend will surely be worth it!

So, why and in which OTT platforms should you invest in?

Imagine popping some corn, dimming the lights in your room to binge-watch a movie that you had on your list for a long time! How would you feel when you find out that the file you downloaded doesn’t run? What becomes a mood-killer is sluggish downloading. Furthermore, searching for a site where you can download torrents without inviting a virus into your device makes the process painful. If you want to enjoy a spontaneous viewing experience minus the trouble of downloading, you need to usher in OTT sites to save your time and effort.

Now, if you want to jump on to the Streaming Bandwagon, you first need to know which websites offer the best viewing experience, the ones that are worth your money. To bring in good times for you faster, I have enlisted the ten best OTT platforms for the best user experience and excellent quality video content.

1. Netflix:

The more we say about Netflix, the less it is. Netflix is the flag-bearer of the streaming industry and has singlehandedly made OTT platforms a household affair. This is the best platform for every movie buff out there. Spend your weekends (and weekdays) binge-watching the best sitcoms like Friends (Could this be any better?), thrillers like Money Heist (O Bella Ciao) and sci-fi gems like Dark (don’t forget to set with a notebook). All this is available at monthly subscriptions!

2. Hulu & Hulu Plus:

Hulu platform boasts an extensive and updated library of different movies, TV shows, and much more. You can even catch up on all the shows you might have missed that released before the quarantining started in HD Quality on Hulu Plus. Since the platform is available only in America and Japan, this one is an excellent site for all the anime lovers and weebs out there.

3. HBO Go & Now:

HBO Go is a godsend for all HBO lovers, offering one of the best streaming experiences. You can now enjoy every old and recent HBO show on the go from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. You can even use a Chrome Stick to watch the videos on your TV screen, as well as connect HBO Go on your Roku and Xbox account. The con: you will only find content published by Home Box Office, and the library isn’t as extensive.

4. Amazon Prime:

Like its online ecommerce sibling, Amazon Prime is one of the best names in the staggering market of apps that offer online video streaming services. Coming close to Netflix, Amazon Prime has a colossal library of movies and TV shows in all languages and several countries. You can use the 30-days free trial to know why subscribing to the yearly plan will be a good decision. Moreover, Amazon Prime is an excellent option for family-oriented shows, with a special database of kid-friendly content due to its partnership with Nickelodeon.

5. Watch ABC:

If you like ABC’s shows, this one is the best one for you. Name the genre, and you will find a movie that suits your palette on Watch. Feed your binge-watching cravings by indulging in all-time favourite shows like Lost, Modern Family, How to Get Away with Murder, and more. You can also stream the movies and shows on your TV using Chromecasting.

6. Crackle:

Find the latest and the greatest movies and TV shows of all times on Crackle for FREE! The platform also has some fantastic features like parental control, which gives you the prerogative to regulate the content the young ones watch. Switch on the alert feature to get notifications for new shows, returns or premieres. You can access Crackle on Android, Apple TV, iPhone, iPads, PS3, etc.

7. CWTV:

CWTV is yet another free streaming site that lets you binge-watch a number of award-winning movies and shows. Although the content is CW-specific, you can still choose from a myriad of options. Fall in love with the Winchester brothers as they fight all things Supernatural, or relate to the next-door-girl Jane The Virgin, and many more of such amazing shows. Watch CW shows on the website without any hassle of registering or logging in.


Use’s for a smooth streaming experience and get to surf through an extensive library of the latest blockbusters and TV shows. The best part of this site is that you will find movies of all genres, ranging from old classics to the latest releases. What makes Blinkbox different is that you get to use the “Pay as you Watch” feature. So, you do not have to commit to an annual or monthly subscription. The app works like a video parlour, where you can rent a video for a nominal charge if you do not want to buy it. Blinkbox is compatible with iPhones, Android Devices, iPads, Xbox 360, PlayStation, etc.

9. Blockbuster on Demand:

Blockbuster on Demand, or Sling TV, has more than 65 live TV channels that you can watch on various devices using Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, iPads, iPhones, etc. Binge-watch your favourite shows for free using the 7-days trial period and decide for yourself if you want to pay for the services.

10. Cinema Now:

In no order of ranks, Cinema Now enjoys the same reputation as the industry leaders Netflix and Prime as an online streaming service. It is one of the largest streaming services and enjoys a competitive edge over the other two. Know what is that? If you do not want to buy videos, you can also rent movies and TV series on Cinema Now. Add to that; you also get to avail exciting time-limited offers on special occasions.

Bookmark these OTT platforms and websites right away. Bake some brownies, open a bag of chips and grab a quilt to kickstart a Binge-watching marathon. Lights, camera and ACTION!



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