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Best Advantages of Biometric Car Technology

The development of technology in cars has grown exponentially over the past decade, and the headlines have been dominated by pioneering products like Google’s self-driving car. Now, millions of cars already have some form of biometric technology installed.

Biometrics plays an essential role in developing driving technologies and devices such as iris scanners for unlocking, locking, and starting a vehicle are expected to become a standard safety feature.

Advantages of Biometric Cars Technology

There are many advantages of Biometric Cars Technology. Some of them are discussed below:

Biometric Access

Technology is always looking for greater comfort. Everyone accesses smartphones and doors through biometric access. That day is not far off when we dispose of our car keys and the responsibility of keeping them safe. Major car brands such as Mercedes Benz, Ford and BMW are already exploring this technology and integrating it into their products in innovative ways. This will not be limited to fingerprints but will extend to face/iris recognition and voice verification. This will surely make vehicle access more convenient and safer.

Tighter the Car Security

Biometric technology shows promise for stricter anti-theft and anti-DUI measures. Soon, voice recognition-based ignition, facial identification via on-board vehicle cameras, and sophisticated fingerprint door locks could become standard automotive features.

Today, some expensive vehicles are already benefiting from high-tech solutions (such as keyless entry) to reduce the risk of theft. This trend seems to continue. A search for cars can soon reveal many models that require the driver to register a fingerprint on the Scanner before starting the engine.  

Prevention of Cars Theft

As biometric technology becomes more and more sophisticated, vehicle security is one of the most promising applications, especially in the automotive industry. Automakers can already make cars that start with keyless ignition using fingerprints; Given the current pace of advancement, cars may soon need facial recognition and voice activation to turn on or even unlock. While it is true that some biometric markers can be “hacked” or faked, it takes a lot more effort and foresight than the amount of work currently required to get into a car.

Ensuring Driver Safety and Comfort

Biometric seat technology, an embodiment of this technology that is not yet common in the automotive industry, can be used to assess a driver’s level of stress and anxiety during unusual driving situations. When there are physical alterations in the vehicle, biometric technology can collect information about the steering wheel, accelerator and other components to determine. If there are physical signs of anxiety; if there is, the car may suggest to the driver to take a break to improve safety.

More Communicative Cars

Voice control isn’t exactly a new triumph for biometric technology; in fact, this is an area that the auto industry has been researching for years. However, as voice recognition technology becomes more advanced, so will cars’ capabilities in this space. Rather than merely asking a vehicle to call friends and family or find a route to a specific location, drivers will soon be able to use the biometric system instead of keys. They’ll ask their car to adjust the cruise control send a command to a driver. As technology has been developed to understand a broader range of controls, drivers will soon benefit from a broader range of services.

Spoof Proof

Biometrics like facial models, fingerprints, iris scans, and others are nearly impossible to replicate with today’s technology. There is a 1 in 64 billion chance that your fingerprint exactly matches someone else’s. In other words, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than having the same fingerprint as a hacker trying to access your car with biometric security.

Expanding Commercial Use Potential

Renting a car could be more comfortable than ever as biometric technology becomes more common. Instead of requiring customers to queue inside an office to receive keys, rental companies could provide temporary access to tenants through biometric information, such as their fingerprints. Once the rental period is over, this access could easily be remotely revoked, eliminating tenants’ need to physically interact with agencies.

Biometric technology may seem like a cutting-edge the facet of the modern world reserved for wearable devices. But some of the most promising applications for these innovations are in the automotive industry; It’s hard to say how quickly biometrics will integrate become familiar in new vehicles.

Highly Efficient

Every vehicle requires highly effective security systems. Biometric verification systems improve security and make it easier and more efficient to manage critical functions of the vehicle. It is even useful for the owner; he does not need to carry the car keys everywhere.

User Experience is Convenient and Fast

While internal biometric authentication processes are technical, it is incredibly fast and easy from an owner’s perspective. Placing a finger on a scanner and unlocking a vehicle door in seconds is faster than unlocking the vehicle’s door with a key. Also, forgetting a car’s key is a common mistake most people make. The chances of you forgetting your biometrics? Never!

Non-Shareable Keys

Biometric authentication requires your input to be present during authorization. You don’t need to share keys of the cars; the only way to use most biometric authentication systems are through a placing a finger on the scanner of the car.

Final Verdict

Biometric Car Technology is rapidly becoming a vital part of the automotive industry in the future, providing quick and easy verification, audit trails and analysis. These systems prove essential as the automotive industry continues to grow and become more complex, and expert expecting something more incredible things in the years to come.



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