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Call To Action Optimization Methods You Should Know

As a business owner, you are constantly working to understand your customers.

But is your message engaging or are you just telling beautiful stories to keep the reader entertained in the short term? 

Join us to discover 5 ways to write the most engaging and effective Call to action!

What is Call to Action (CTA)?

Call to action (CTA) is a call to target customers to take any action that you want. 

There are 3 things you need to keep in mind in this definition:

  • Desired action: usually includes placing an order, calling, entering email, completing registration, navigating to another page, etc.
  • Target customers: Sometimes your CTA is not effective not by itself, but by the person seeing it as not your target customer.
  • For target customers to take the desired action, you must understand them, from their portrait to their inner needs (customer insights). From there, create a compelling and compelling reason for them to take action. 

Currently, there are many services that provide extremely effective CTA optimization solutions. Along with discount codes, coupons for CTA optimal solution on website coupons will help you save costs when owning these services.

The role of Call to action

Increase website conversion rate

Call To Action helps convert following users into potential customers of your business.

If placed in the right place and used correctly, Call To Action can also help businesses gain very specific personal information from potential customers that can even lead them to buy directly there. 

Improve ranking position on Google Search

The purpose of SEO is to help your website achieve high rankings on Google search, reach more potential customers. 

So why does Call to action affect the ranking position of the website?

A good call to action (CTA) will improve click-through and interaction rates on the website, page views are increased, and customers stay on the page longer.

Based on these factors, Google will evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of your website and rank your website high on the SERP. 

Call To Action Optimization Methods

Before analysis, the formulas were tested, approved, and used by skilled content creators.

Let’s focus on the key aspects that affect the quality and effectiveness of a CTA.

Here are 5 aspects to focus on when creating a sensational call to action:

1. Purpose

First of all, what actions are you trying to stimulate?

Create your message based on the goals you want to achieve. For example, the “ download now ” button is the right choice for lead generation, while the “ send me information ” button is more suitable for building a business relationship. 

2. A short sequence of action-oriented words

Even the smallest changes in copy can have a big impact on conversion rates. So it’s best to choose your words wisely and follow proven formulas.

Here’s an odd fact that can make you spend more time working on your CTA: sometimes, you can increase your conversions by changing one of the words included in the CTA.

A case study featured by Unbounce indicates that B2B website owners reported a 38.26% increase in conversions after replacing only one action verb in their Call to action. Although it is an old study, its results still hold to this day.

This case study reveals that small tweaks can yield amazing results, as long as they focus on ways to increase the price of your Call To Action. 

For example, “ Place Order ” refers to the course of action a potential customer has to take and doesn’t highlight the benefit the user will experience in doing what they expect.

On the other hand, “ Get It Now ” focuses more on the advantage, reward, and satisfaction that a potential customer automatically gains after responding to a CTA.

Overall, the combination of value and relevance is a winning formula that allows you to take your CTAs to a whole new level and increase their effectiveness. 

Start by reviewing old calls to action placed on your landing pages. Replace generic orders like “ Buy now ”, “ Download now ”, which emphasizes the action you want your readers to take, with personalized copy that emphasizes the perks your audience enjoys real fake can get from you.

Example: Instead of just writing “ Buy Now ”, create a button that says “ Add to Cart – Save 50% Today ”. The second option is much more personalized and specific than the first.

Always remember that your readers don’t like overly general messages and want to talk to you like someone they’ve known for a long time.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to replace a brief, low-impact message like ” Send ” or ” Call us ” with a more meaningful sentence that will grab your attention and also excite your readers to act by focusing on benefits.

3. CTA button color and display

Create customer relationships by using pronouns like “I” and “you” and focus on the prospect’s needs.

Use the right images to support your message, and elegantly incorporate contrasting colors to grab your visitor’s attention.

4. Size

Keep your message short and clear. Many studies have shown that the best CTA is less than 150 characters.

Think of it this way: a Call To Action like “ Buy Now ” will most likely convince you that brevity is not the best card you can play while trying to engage your readers.

At the same time, you must keep your Call To Action short and engaging to get the public to respond

5. Tone and flow

Using action-oriented words implies thought leadership and expertise.

However, avoid technical jargon that could confuse or deter your readers. Emphasize the benefits of the offer in as few words as possible. 

In an article that presents the main ways that bad copywriting can kill your product. User Testing reveals the importance of speaking the language of your readers. 

If possible, avoid industry jargon that is confusing to customers by using everyday conversational words and tones. 


Above is an article about the aspects you should pay attention to, to get the best Call To Action (CTA) optimization methods.

I hope through this article you will optimize your call to action and convince your readers to act in a certain way. Good luck!



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