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How To Clean The Bathroom When It’s Dirty? Do This 10 Minutes A Day

Some bathrooms are clean and fresh, allowing us to relax while taking a bath and hum happily. Some bathrooms are dirty and smelly, making us nervous and busy, not wanting to stay in this dark environment for too long.

Taking a bath is not only a daily routine but also soothing and relaxing after a day’s fatigue, or refreshing and refreshing before the beginning of the day. And if we want to maintain such a comfortable bathing environment, we should pay attention to daily care.

Cleaning 10 Minutes a Day

Instead of waiting until you smell the odor and then laboriously cleaning, it is better to prevent the odor from the beginning. The easiest way is to clean it often. Just spend 10 minutes a day wiping the sink, mop up the water stains on the floor, and then take out the garbage. You can keep the bathroom environment fresh for a long time. Don’t accumulate stubborn stains because of daily laziness.

In addition, regular cleaning of the toilet is also an important measure to prevent odors. Cleaning materials usually use supermarket-bought cleaners and hard brushes. During the cleaning process, we should take care of the various positions of the toilet, including the inner surface of the toilet, the internal gap, the inner and outer sides of the cushion, the outer gap of the toilet, the external base, and so on.

There is also an enhanced DIY cleaning method that uses Baking Soda and citric acid. The method is first to use the “grinding” characteristics of baking soda powder to wipe off the stubborn dirt and then spray citric acid to use the large number of bubbles produced by the acid-base neutralization reaction to make the dirt float. This formula not only cleans thoroughly but also prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. (To make 1% citric acid water: add 1/2 tsp of citric acid to 200ml of water)

Remove Mildew

Speaking of mold, it not only exudes an aura of run-down, but it is also one of the “natural enemies” of the house structure. Therefore, it is very important to check the corners, tile joints, etc., for mildew from time to time, especially when it is hot and humid.

What should I do if mold spots are found? Baking soda with vinegar is a very good mildew-removing material. Because baking soda has the ability to neutralize and decompose dirt, and acidic vinegar can prevent the growth of mold. After treating the moldy place with these daily materials, clean it up with paper and a brush.

If the white walls have mildew stains, they can be cleaned with bleach. However, some bleaching agents do not have the ability to prevent the growth of mold, but may accelerate the growth of mold. So if you are not afraid of staining the white wall, it is best not to use bleach.

It should be noted that when performing mold removal work, you should wear gloves and masks and take other protective measures to prevent the skin and respiratory tract from being contaminated with mold and affecting your health.

Ventilation and Dehumidification

Mold and other odors are usually related to humidity, so be sure not to keep the bathroom hot and humid for a long time. After each shower, we’d better open the window or exhaust fan, ventilate for at least 15 minutes, and use a cloth or paper to dry large pieces of stagnant water.

When showering, we should use shower curtains to stick the corners of the bathtub to prevent water from flowing outside along the corners.

In terms of reducing air humidity, we can use a desiccant (Moisture Absorber) or a dual-purpose deodorant desiccant. The price of these chemicals is very low, and they are usually available in “one dollar stores.” Most of them are packaged in a small size, which can be stuffed into places such as behind the mirror or under the cabinet without affecting the cleanliness of the bathroom.

However, if the local humidity is too heavy, you can also consider spending more money to buy a dehumidifier (Dehumidifier) ​​in the bathroom.

Wash Towels Often

The used towels should be hung up to dry. If they are kept in a damp state, bacteria are likely to breed. This is not only one of the sources of peculiar smells but may also harm your health.

It is important to wash towels frequently. CNN reported that the experience of Manal Mohammed, a senior lecturer in medical microbiology at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, is to wash bath towels at least once a week. She said, “Although most of these bacteria are usually harmless, some of them (including Staphylococcus) can cause infections and health problems, especially in people with skin wounds and people with weakened immune functions.”

In addition, if the method of washing or drying is improper, the bath towels cannot be kept clean. Experts suggest not to wash bath towels with other very dirty clothes.

Muhammad recommends that the washing machine be set to “hot water” cleaning, preferably 140°F (60°C). If the bath towels are particularly dirty, they can be washed at 194°F (90°C). If you use bleach, etc., wash the bath towels at 104°F (40°C).

Useful bathroom gadgets Scent Packets

The spice packs are usually small and exquisite and can continue to emit fragrance for a long time. Spice packs usually contain perfume beads or a mixture of flowers and spices. We can hang it in various places in the bathroom as decorations.


The incense burner is a small electrical appliance that emits fragrance mist by heating the essence. Putting them behind the toilet or sink is a good choice. The incense burner needs essential oils of fragrances, so be careful not to spill the essential oils, and don’t let children and pets touch the essential oils. You can also use incense bamboo that does not need to be heated. The vine branches are used to absorb the fragrance in the bottle and then volatilize into the air.

Flowers and Plants

Hanging some flowers and plants in the bathroom can not only improve the air but also beautify the environment. If the bathroom has windows and good ventilation, you can consider hanging some strong-smelling herbs, such as lavender and mint. If you hang a bunch of eucalyptus leaves under the shower, it will definitely make you feel relaxed and happy when you take a bath.



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