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How To Show Your Friends that You Care

Friends should always be valued. They are the people you are not related to but have deep connections like family. We can share everything with them, even our love interests. They all have a doctorate when it comes to giving love advice; they can tell signs your guy friend likes you but is hiding it. Well, jokes apart, if there are those to whom you want to send bulk thanks you cards, they should be your friends. Listed below are how to show your friends that you care for them.

Ways to Show Your Care to Your Friends

Listen to Your Friends’ Stories and Rants

A person will always want to talk his rants and stories to his friends. The good thing about these relationships is that you do not have to give any feedback at all. All your friends need is an ear that will listen to them and not judge them for their opinions, and feelings. To do this, you just need the most valuable gift that your friends ask of you- time. As much as possible, give them quality time. They will feel important if you are willing to spend your days and nights just listening to them.

Be Generous with Your Words

Because of the relationship that you may have with your friends, you may feel that you are not obliged to give them kind words and shower them with affirmations. This is not true at all. Your friends, just like any other person you know, would still appreciate hearing kind words from you. Be generous to them by affirming them and your relationship with them. Give them thanks when they help you. Commend them for their efforts when they reach out to you even when they did not have to. Tell them that they are doing a good job and they would love to hear your encouragement.

Give Them Cards

Most often than not, you only send greeting cards to your family and spouse. Until then, your friends have only ever gotten birthday cards from you. Surprise them by getting bulk thank you cards and giving all of these to them. It is always a pleasant experience to receive cards from the people you love. This goes the same for your friends. It is indeed a simple gesture that you give but they cherish this act from you for a lifetime.

Show Them Love on Social Media

In this world where social media is part of our lives, it is always good to show your love to your friends on any of the platforms that you use. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Do a shout-out or post your group photo and give a heartfelt message to them. Tag your friends and feel their appreciation for your post.

Celebrate With Them

People remember the most important events in their lives. The second thing that they remember is the people who are with them during these special events. Always make sure to take note of your friends’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and other events that are important to them. Go to their homes or offices and celebrate with them. Buy a cake for them. Do anything that will make them feel more valued. As you become more familiar with the distinct event in their lives, you also deepen your relationship with them.



Your friends are the gems in your life that you will treasure forever. You have them during your ups and downs and you should appreciate them every chance you get. Giving them bulk thank you cards can do it. Giving them quality time is also a way to appreciate them. Being there when you are needed also shows that you care for your friends. Value them and nurture your friendship so that you can keep the relationship intact.



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