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The Four Must-Follow Video Animation Blogs for Year 2021

If you’re in the video marketing business, then you definitely understand the importance of making powerful videos. If a video is unable to attract your audience’s attention or is failing to fulfill the basics of winning them, then it’s not doing its job perfectly. Ask any animator or video editor what is the true essence of creating attention-grabbing and audience-winning videos and you will get multiple answers.

Such situations call for advice from individuals who have ample experience in the field.

Today, I am going to shed light on some of these places which have earned an authoritative top spot in video marketing. Are you eager to learn about video marketing from the best of the best?

Well here are five best video animation blogs which can teach you a great deal about videos.

So without further ado, let’s check out what these blogs are all about.

Animatron Blog

Looking for some seasonal marketing tips? Want to maximize on video distribution? Want to learn how to put the word out on different social media networks? Animatron blog is one place where you can find all of this and much more. The blog encompasses a great deal of knowledge on what video marketing is and how you can capitalize on it.

Want to stop wasting your time here and there reading a ton of words and not knowing what it’s all about?

Well head on to Animatron and get acquainted with everything related to animation video marketing. You can seek advice on how to make videos & learn how to launch campaigns to become a success.

Wistia Blog

Another reliable platform where you can easily find tons of information on animated videos is none other but Wistia Blog. We all know Wistia is a great platform for businesses seeking to create videos. But the platform holds much more worth than just a platform for video integration. It is a knowledge base.

Wistia gives you in-depth learning on many things. And the best part about them, they make it quite interesting. Imagine something as boring as video hosting is displayed by them in an entertaining way. So there’s so much more that Wistia has to offer to its customers, may it be normal business video or animation.

They use an excellent amalgamation of examples and videos to display the perfect message.

The guys at Wistia pay close attention to the topic of video production. Just visit their blog and you will learn which camera you should use, which angles you should place the lighting to produce the best results and much more.

Vidyard Blog

Your search for personalized videos have finally come to an end if you’ve somehow found your way to Vidyard blog. The place is simply amazing and offers interactive, live & personalized videos.

If you head on to Vidyard blog, you will realize that there’s plenty of in-depth topics which they have already covered regarding video production & marketing. And that’s not everything which they have covered, you can easily find a ton of information on other areas of marketing such as, internal communications, sales, and other related topics.

The best part about the blog is the series which they run called the Chalk Talk.

Usually, a speaker writes a line on a chalkboard and then speaks about it explaining to everyone what it’s about. So head on to Vidyard blog if you’re a hungry learner and diving into video animation.

Vimeo Blog

Are you an animation expert and love to create animated videos? If you’re one such individual, then Vimeo is definitely not a bad bet. You can create a ton of videos and then sell your video content on Vimeo.

Just create, upload, distribute and start selling your stuff on Vimeo spot-on.

Here are a couple of reasons why we believe Vimeo is one of the most engaging platforms for you.

It provides you a Video School where you can educate yourself on tools that can help you take & edit your videos. The platform provides you with helpful instructions. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced video editor or a videomaker, Vimeo can provide you with plenty of helpful information. If you’re in the product video animation market, then here’s a great platform that can provide you the best of both worlds. You can find a way to learn & promote your company’s other services and products.

We All Need Assistance from Time to Time

Whether you’ve mastered the art or just starting out with video production and marketing for your business, we all need assistance from time to time. Above discussed are a few blogs that can give you significant insight into what video marketing is all about. You can learn a great deal and can even launch your video channels to populate an audience. One way or the other, the platforms are worth the attention so don’t miss out. Go ahead, check out these awesome blogs which they have covered.

Who knows, you might end up showing interest in one of those animation video productions.

You will definitely find a lot of useful information there.



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