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5 Less Known Ways To Design Your Air Force Challenge Coin

A token of honor made us feel special.  In the air force industry challenge coin is considered as an accomplishment, you can say the ‘first salute’. High authority presented such coins to the newly promoted air force commissioner. Though it is very small in size it carries a mountain of honor on it.  It is the proof of membership that indicates the entitled person is special enough in the field.  When we are thinking to design such coins for air force officers you must be a little confused about how the design should be.

In this blog, you have broken down whole matter into easily digestible parts. Scroll down below and read the less known ways to design challenging coins for the air force.

5 Tips for Designing Air Challenge Coin

As the challenging coin is a special thing that carries organization esteem so you need to little extra careful while designing it. We have jotted down few simple ways that will make your toke of honor stand out in the crowd. If you are designing them particularly for the air force industry then grab the below-mentioned points and follow them all. Excited? Let’s get started –

Decide Your Story

Your air force challenge coin should be the storyteller.  Deduce what story you want to share. Depending on your story ask the artist or designer to design your coin. They can add related images and text to it.  Your story need not be a complex one.  This could be as simple as the joining and retirement dates of that particular officer or something special.

Focus on Images

After you have decided on the story of your challenge coin, think about what images could be the best fit for it. It would air force logo, flag, jet planes, drones PR something that goes well with your purpose. If you are making custom coins then the scope of the image is wide. It should not be too big or too small, check the proper size of the images.  You can use both images like – images of a person and flags. Talk help from professionals to superimpose both images.

 Choose Your Color

Mostly these types of coins are made of metals like silver, bronze, etc., but usage of a few colors can make the designs stand out from the rest. Be careful and control your temptation of using too much color on it. Over usage of color will make the coin messy and complex.

If you follow the special color palate for uniforms or others, you may like to use that color on the coins too.

Be Precise

Often you prefer to add certain words, names, dates, etc. on the coin. Don’t put too many words on the small coins. It will be hard to read. Use the small place wisely and omit unnecessary things, keep the design short and simple.

Use The Backside Too

As you are taking care front part of your coin similarly give some attention to the back part too. You can add words, letters, or a single image at the back. It will make your coin complete and add delicacy.

Wrapping up

The concept of the challenging coin started during the Second World War. It is still so relevant.  This is not only a coin but a symbol of honor and prestige. Normally it is made of metals like silver, bronze, etc. Organization uses their logo, special color code, or particular words.  So it represents that organization. For air force officers you can use different images like jet planes, drones, etc.

While you are designing the coin you should be clear about its purpose of it.  It can be a sign of promotion, membership recognition, etc. Your air force challenge coin design should match the purpose.



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