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The Worst Times Starfleet Got Its Ass Handed to It

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One other uncommon entry on this checklist that isn’t from both the Dominion or Klingon Wars continues to be maybe essentially the most well-known battle in Star Trek historical past: Starfleet’s engagement with Borg forces within the Wolf system, simply eight gentle years from Earth. In comparison with different conflicts talked about right here the numbers concerned are a lot smaller in scope, 40 Starfleet vessels and a single Borg Dice. However Wolf 359 is devastating for the trauma it impacts on a lot of Star Trek itself within the years since its aftermath was first revealed within the iconic TNG two-parter “The Better of Each Worlds.”

Thirty-nine of the 40 Federation vessels on the battle had been destroyed, together with the Saratoga, the vessel the place Commander Sisko served previous to his project to Deep Area 9—and the place his spouse was killed throughout the battle. Wolf 359 was the engagement that noticed Starfleet start to develop the Defiant-Class cruiser, its first express warship designed in its historical past. And, after all, all of the extra devastating and most explored within the years since is the truth that all this carnage got here by the hands of one among Starfleet’s most legendary heroes: Jean-Luc Picard, assimilated and remodeled into Locutus of Borg, who can be haunted by his actions, even after his profitable reclamation from the Borg, for many years after the actual fact.

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