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Top 9 YouTube Alternatives You Need to Know

Video content is on the rise. As per the estimate, there will be 1 million minutes of video content per second by 2021. Businesses have started to begin shifting their focus of marketing from articles to videos due to its effectiveness.

Multiple studies are showing that videos can boost

  • Google page rankings,
  • web traffic,
  • conversion rates
  • user engagement

Users are 12 times more likely to share videos than any other content form.

However, not all videos are meant to be on YouTube. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 video-sharing platforms as YouTube alternatives. These digital platforms are niche-based that makes them one-of-a-kind.


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This is a video-sharing platform that resembles YouTube. The only exception is that it offers high-quality videos through 4k Ultra HD. Vimeo is an ad-free platform too, unlike YouTube, to ensure the viewers can laser-focus on watching the distraction-free videos. Vimeo is an amazing place for video-makers for sharing high-quality videos.

Similar to any platform, it has some weaknesses as well. Here, you are allowed to upload videos on YouTube without any restriction, however, Vimeo is a totally different game. Here, per week maximum limit is only 500MB which is upgradable to 5GB for premium users.

However, to be honest, YouTube is incomparable where you can upload a gazillion of videos for free.


DailyMotion is probably among the most like-to-like alternatives to YouTube, as it offers the same video categories and layout. With around 112 million users a month, this video platform is definitely one of the top YouTube competitors.

The benefit of using this platform is that it contains a less stringent video policy than YouTube. A content creator can upload any type of videos he wants and nobody will remove them. A demerit here is the lack of supervision regarding pirated videos.

Further, a creator can upload only high-quality videos, thus a pro user only benefits. The high-quality video means the limit of 1080p and the duration of 20 minutes.


Dtube, similar to Dailymotion, has an interface close to YouTube. However, the chapter of the similarity ends here because the way Dtube functions is wholly different from the giant video-sharing platform.

Dtube operates on blockchain technology for video storing, unlike YouTube’s centralized server. As a result, personal data alongside the creator videos are quite safe from hack attacks. Further, Dtube offers no-ad and cryptocurrency revenue features for its content creators.


As the name suggests, PeerTube is a peer-to-peer video-sharing digital platform. Instead of utilizing a single server like YouTube and other video-sharing sites, PeerTube offers liberty to its users to host their server, known as instance. Every instance has a user and his videos can connect to each other.

As a creator, you are free for uploading any type of video on this video platform without any fear of getting banned. The only shortfall of PeerTube is its relatively young user base, which makes the video library not rich as its established competitors.


Veoh is a hybrid – It’s a mix of social media and video streaming platforms. Creators can upload videos as long as they wish (no limit on length) and then share them with friends easily. As an aspirant, you can also join forums and groups, then talk with people already there. Similar to social media, you have to engage with people and force them through videos to like your content to grow your channel.


Time to explore some niche territory. For those who are searching for an education-imparting video streaming platform, TED would be the best fit for them. Even if you want to get information regarding the usage of walkie talkie skull conduction earpiece, you can head to TED.

This educational platform has more than 3,000 lectures catering to a range of topics such as humanity, science, business, tech, society, and personal growth, among many others.


One of the top YouTube alternatives for gamers, Twitch is a platform to enjoy live streaming videos. Not another YouTube alternative, content here is focused on games only, even though you can find some other non-gaming videos too.

Although Twitch has a robust and dynamic gaming community, YouTube is still far ahead in a few areas. Firstly, you make loads of money doing a live-streaming video on YouTube compared to here.

Secondly, you can’t rewind videos here on Twitch while the live-streaming videos are a bit slower compared to YouTube.


Metacafe is a hub of short videos that are 90 seconds or less that are mostly of low quality. More folks will know about Instagram and Snapchat Stories than Metacafe; even though it is a similar service and older than the above apps. However, Metacafe videos will stay forever and will not disappear after 24 hours.

Metacafe is among the mini YouTube alternatives, where anyone can search videos based on categories and trending topics. You can learn about walkie talkie skull conduction headset here as well. People come to Metacafe for quick tutorials, product reviews, and funny videos.


After gaming platforms, educational videos, and a short library, Vevo is a video-sharing site that focuses on music videos only. Thus, if you are a music lover and wish to watch short clips only, log on to Vevo.

Vevo offers over 400,000 high-quality music videos from Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. However, you can’t upload your own music video here, meaning that Vevo is more suited for music enthusiasts rather than musicians.


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