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Aren’t animals entitled to the right to live and that’s without any violence? Since the beginning of humans, there have been many bizarre things that have been witnessed. Animals have been used to entertain themselves and continue creating new types of games that involve animals. Animals have been used in films and circuses, as well as other stage shows However when they start making use of animals for entertainment that is violent it is referred to as cruel treatment. Similar to this, in this piece of the wpc15 com Dashboard, we’ll talk about the ways that cockfighting in the Philippines has been a source of cruelty to animals.

What is the wpc15 com Dashboard?

Concerning WPC is related, it is an abbreviation of World Pitmasters Cup, and the tournament is played by participants who bring their roosters and use to the fight. In terms of the prohibition on the particular sport is concerned it’s not illegal worldwide and a number of nations allow this game to take place.

The Procedure of the Event

A lot of people participate with the event and there are rules that the participants have to adhere to. Anyone who is participating in the event by using Roosters are required to follow the specific rules of the event. They are required to register in the event’s management. event. All events are planned as many people are waiting for the event to take place live, after which they enjoy the action. Through the dashboard of wpc15.com, we learned that roosters are often the victims of a lot of blood during fights and suffer fatal injuries in the process and that is the most tragic part.

Miscellaneous Information

Each time a new fight is held, a new fight is over after 5 to 6 minutes. There’s another aspect that people are into, and that’s betting. It’s something that people engage in with one another. Betting is the thing that most people anticipate when the festival begins and that is a downside to the festival. On one hand there are people who are betting and losing and winning, but on the other hand no one is aware of the magnitude of the brutality thrown upon innocent birds. They’re trained for combat for a long period of time and are then qualified for the fight.

The information that the wpc15.com Dashboard might collect could help normal people to understand the significance of the event.


A variety of organizations have been trying to save the animals that are used to commit violence when it is used against them. It is crucial that people take note of their conscience and realize that the cruelty of animals is not acceptable to God to any degree.

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