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How To Protect Kids From Sexting With Monitoring App

Evolution of Sexting.

Sexting becomes a moderate trend for teenage children. Sending nude photos to one another is a revolution in sexual relationships. Sexting is quite popular in the western world, especially in youth. Sexting became more popular after the inventions of camera phones and smartphones. It was difficult for children to get involved in erotic relationships before smartphones. But now smartphones are everywhere and sexting is a tap away.

Teenage children are eager to have relationships in high schools and colleges. Smartphones provide a perfect platform for the growth of these sensual relationships. But these relationships do not limit to normal chit-chat and knowing each other. Teenagers jump into sexting and other erotic activities and sometimes physical relationships. Despite being underage, children are not mature enough to understand and be within limits. This leads to another headache for parents.

How Sexting is bad for kids?

  • Loss of Focus on studies.

Teenage children lost their focus on their studies due to sexting. Spending time on smartphones talking with other people can disturb career goals. Sexting is a thing that will never let you bore. So, sexting can make a notable decrease in focus on studies.

  • Unhealthy

There is a certain time to do something. Getting involved in virtual sexual relationships before a certain age is not good. Sexting does not stop on phones. It ignites teenagers to get physical and provokes intimate relationships. Having these kinds of intimate encounters and being underage is a health hazard.

  • Criminal Activities

Another reason for sexting being bad for teenagers is the tendency towards crimes. The intimate chat provokes emotions. Seeing explicit photos of someone ignites sexual desires. Sometimes these desires are uncontrollable. This leads to criminal activities like sexual harassment and rape assault.

To-do list for Parents to Prohibit their Children from Sexting

  • Psychological Parenting.

Parents must have discussions with the children about sexting. Children being immature,always need someone protective to address the situations like sexting. There must be sex education sessions between parents and children.

  • Digital Parenting

One of the main problems the parents are facing that how would they know that their child is into sexting. To check this, parents should use cell phone tracking apps to have a            better understanding. Monitoring apps can track all the activities performed on the phone and keeps a record of this. Several spying applications are available. A monitoring app offers parental controls for parents to check their child’s phone. A couple of these applications are the Monitoring app. These two have different mechanisms and monitoring structures. Below is a brief comparison of these two apps.


The spy app for android Monitoring apps are compatible with Android cell phones only. The TheOneSpy app is also compatible with IOS and Android cell phones.

Screen Recording

Monitoring app have an efficient feature of screen recording. It records the activities on the phone and sends the data to the online web portal. Users can access these recordings and data by logging into the portal. Using this feature can help the parents to have a check on the child’s texting habits if any.

Social Media Surveillance

Studies show that most of the sexting happens on social media platforms. That application are very responsive on social media platforms spying. These applications track individual chats as well as group chats. Parents can see the photos and videos exchange on social media platforms.

Surround Sound Recording and Live 360 Recording

The Monitoring app is good at microphone bugging. Parents can listen to the child’s conversations even if they are away from them. In this way, parents get familiar with the type of company and conversation their child is having. Live 360 Recording is the trademark feature of TheOneSpy app. Parents can activate the cameras (rear and front) anytime and have a look at the surroundings of the phone.

Control and Customization of Monit

That spying applications provide remote platforms to view the recorded data. These platforms are unique facilities that save all the surveillance data. There are slight differences in functionality and operational structure. That application has their lows and highs about online web portals. It depends on the customer’s requirements and usage.


Monitoring is available starting from $29/ month to $90/year. This variation is due to different plans including basic, standard, and extreme. TheOneSpy app is available starting from $25/ month to $150/year depending on plans.


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