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Best Winter Treks in the Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is an offbeat spot and the repository of various scenic beauty in the Himalayan range, it  is seen as a say no destination to take up  a Trek during winter. The naturally snow capped mountain range, mild snowflakes kissing your faces and those white mattresses covering the greenery. Chill Breeze freezing you like ice, gives you the true  essence of winter.

Here we tell you about the best trekking spots in Himachal during winter.

Dayara Dugyal Trek

With a difficulty level of easy to moderate, located in the region of Raithal, dayara bugyal trek is a lovely and easy climbing truck experience. Filling your eyes with the abundance of Snow this relaxing Trek presents you with grand Returns. Showcasing its Meadows with shimmering  white snow it stands tall ,bold yet prettier. This is a tireless trekking experience and completely beginners and family friendly.

Kedarkantha Trek

Again a moderately easy track located at gaichawan gaon. This popular trek explodes with endearing campsites, thrilling hikes in the summit and best winter experiences in the Himalayas. The Kedarkantha trek lies in the bucket list of most trekkers and it’s worth getting listed in the bucket list cause you don’t get to come across such a perfect trek with snow -laden pine forest on a daily basis.

Brahmatal Trek

located at raithal, this trekking experience is rated as easy to moderate. You will go  Motionless with the stunning view of the two celebrated mountains, Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda ghunti. Not only that it also presents you with the bird eye view of the Roopkund trail. The brahmatal trek is a lifetime experience with the Grand showcase of snow all around. Most of the trekkers rave about this snowy experience from the trek. It also tests you physically because it has some good climbs .

Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek

Another moderately easy Trek located at sari. This trek is one of the most popular winter Trek. The trail of this Grand trek seems enriched and charming with it’s vibrant forest, lakes and climb taking us to the Tungnath Temple and Chandrashila summit. This trek rewards you with the most breathtaking view of almost all of the magnification peaks of the Indian Himalayas including Mount Nanda Devi ,the highest Summit. Chandrashila Summit  receives an abundance of snow in winter and you get to experience sliding down from the Summit all the way down to the bottom.

Kuari Pass Trek

If you are planning to have a trek that stands above all of your previous trekking experience then kuari pass trek is one to give a shot. lying in the Tapoban region,the kauri pass is filled with snow-covered meadows. The snow there has perfectly crafted the forest and the snowflakes on the oak leaves takes you instantly to the level of experiencing Paradise. irrespective of your experience kuari pass a must try track  is a must try trek. It also presents you with the view of the most celebrated mountains Nanda Devi and dronagiri.

Nag Tibba Trek

located in dehradun, this one is also a moderately easy trek. in this trail you get to experience the thrill of climbing up a summit.  you also get to climb up the steep incline before reaching the summit, climbing up the nag tibba multiples its manifold during winter. the range at an altitude of 9915ft high above the sea level. This adventurous trek presents you with the 100° degree view of the snow covered Himalayan ranges,  kala nag, gangotri etc. you also get to witness the kedarnath peak in the north, don valley and the peak of changabang.

Kheerganga Trek

taking you at an elevation of about 3050 meter, Kheerganga has its base camp at barshaini. This trek paves way for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kasol from the top.This trek can be taken up anytime during the year, but winter gives you a special experience taking you to  the top admits the snow falls, slippery rocks and challenging trails. This trek walks you through the enchanting valleys in the Himalayan region and across lovely villages.  you get to experience the breathtaking view amidst the snow flakes or while bathing in the hot springs at the top.



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