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Perfect Windows and Doors Peterborough for Each House Design

In order to achieve an attractive look for your house, it is important that the type of windows and doors Peterborough that you choose match the architectural design of your house. This is because not all house designs blend well with certain window styles. This means that there are windows best suited for traditional and modern house designs.

Therefore, it is important that you match your house design with the type of window that you choose, for that perfect curb appeal. You can consult experts on the best suitable windows and doors Peterborough for your house. The following are some of the common house designs and their most preferable window types;

1. Cape Cod House Design

This is a house design that was common in the colonial period. It is a one and half story house with a steep roof and a porch above the front door. The house has a fireplace which serves as a common meeting area for the family. This explains the chimneys that protrude through the middle of the roof.

Two windows are usually fixed on each side of the door and dormer windows are centered on top of the roof. The best window type for this house design is double-hung Peterborough windows replacement units. The sashes on this window that open on both sides make cleaning very easy.

A sliding French door for this house design helps to maintain the traditional look of the house while the large double-hung windows are perfect for ventilation.

2. Tudor House Design

This is a house design that evolved during the Tudor period. The design is characterized by brick and stone features on the exterior, tall arched doorways as well as slim windows. Most windows for this house design are made of wood to complement the traditional appearance of the house.

Narrow casement windows are the most ideal for this house design. This is because they help to highlight the tall height of this house design. Picture Peterborough windows replacement units can be fitted in between the casement windows to allow a view of the outside environment.

Swinging doors are perfect for the tall design of this house. They should have wide rails that add to the attractive appearance of the front door.

3. Colonial House Designs

Just like the name suggests, these house designs emerged during the colonial period. They come in different styles as they were influenced by different colonial masters. They are however two and a half storey from houses with red bricks on the outside and several chimneys protruding from the roof.

These houses have two windows on each side of the door and three windows on the second level. There is usually one window above the door. The other level usually has dormer windows at the center. The best windows for this house design are single and double-hung windows.

These windows are for adequate ventilation which is required in this big house. A French sliding window is a perfect front door. This is because it does not only match the house’s architectural design, but it is also convenient for space-saving.

4. Craftsman Bungalow House Design

This is a classic American house design with modern house elements and therefore would need modern replacement windows and doors Peterborough. It has a big front porch, square columns, and an open floor. This house design is best for areas with mild climatic conditions.

The best window combination for this bungalow is that of double-hung windows, casement, and awning windows. These three types of windows boost the curb appeal of the house as they blend perfectly with the house design. They offer adequate ventilation that is required in this house.

The best type of door to match these windows is the French patio door. It blends very well with the large porch left at the front of the house. This door can be even fitted as the backyard door. This is because besides boosting the curb appeal of the house, the French patio door is perfect for additional ventilation in the house. The doors and colors can be painted in the color that you desire.



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