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Vegan Handbags: What Are They Made of?

Veganism is one of the most effective ways to protect the environment. As such it’s not a wonder that about 2% of Australians are vegan. Besides, veganism is not just a diet but a lifestyle. Therefore, the commitment goes beyond eating plant-based food.

So, one way to go about this is by switching your ordinary handbags with vegan handbags that Australia can offer. Although, what exactly are vegan handbags made of?

What Is a Vegan Handbag?

Vegan handbags are made with zero animal products; from the outer material to the very glue, all the products used to make the bag are cruelty-free. As such, most vegan brands use sustainable raw materials for manufacturing. However, this is not the case for all companies. You can always research the company’s stance on sustainability before purchasing their product.

What Are Vegan Bags Made Of?

Vegan handbags are made of vegan leather, and vegan leather or faux leather is a “fake” leather material used to make items that were traditionally made using animal skin. As such, the source of vegan leather varies from one company to another. Generally, they are made from bamboo, recycled plastic, rubber, and polymers. Other materials used in manufacturing vegan bags include the following:

  • Fruit Waste ( banana fibres, grape skins, apple skins, pineapple fibres)
  • Tree Barks
  • Lotus Flower
  • Coolstone Leather
  • Cork
  • Paper

Is Vegan Leather Eco-Friendly?

Vegan leather produced using plant-based raw materials or other sustainable materials is eco-friendly. However, in many instances, vegan leather is made using PVC, and it is particularly common in the fast fashion industry.

Meanwhile, PVC leather is a combination of plastic and petroleum-based products, while the process of producing PVC itself is very harmful to the environment. Further, it is treated with toxic chemicals such as phthalates. Besides, it is also not biodegradable, which means its products will end up in landfills. Hence, PVC leather is not eco-friendly.

Is Vegan Leather Durable?

Vegan leather is durable as long as it is well-made with multiple layers. As such, high-quality vegan handbags that Australia can offer can be as good as a real leather bag. Moreover, this leather does not require special treatment as well. Also, they are resistant to cracking and other weather-related detriments of real leather.

What Does Vegan Leather Look Like?

Vegan leather comes in various qualities and forms. And, while some look and feel more like animal-based leather, others do not.

Generally, they do not form a patina like genuine leather as they age. It is also less breathable since they do not have as many pores as animal-based leather.

Why Use Them?

The manufacturing of vegan bags does not require the death of an animal. Besides, animal leather products require a massive amount of resources, and it ranges from labour that goes into raising the animals, cost of farmland, shelter, to food.

So, in comparison, it is cost-effective to manufacture a vegan leather product, while it is also more durable than animal leather. In addition to this, animal leather production farms are responsible for a large number of methane emissions, and this can drastically increase your carbon footprint. Therefore, vegan bags are a lot better for the environment.  Besides, wearing animal-free leather can make you feel good about yourself.

Many companies in Australia are selling sustainable as well as fashionable accessories. So, you can use vegan bags and other accessories to make your lifestyle more environment-friendly. Besides, when you carry a vegan handbag, you know you are doing your part to make this world a better place.



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