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Your Guide To Top Podiatry EMR In The US (2021)

When choosing a health recording solution, podiatry practices like other specialty facilities will come across a number of challenges. Foremost among these problems involves the sort of EHR features podiatrists could really benefit from. These practices require a specific set of features, which is why investing in a generic EHR system will do no good for them. The best podiatry EMR should definitely offer tools for managing basic record keeping, streamlining administrative tasks, and conducting practice management.

Moreover, an EHR specific to podiatry must also allow the sharing of clinical information with other specialists, outside pharmacies, laboratories, x-ray, and imaging centers. We have put together this article to present you the top 5 podiatry EMR software in the US so you can drive practice efficiency and deliver the best patient care possible.

Features Specific To Best Podiatry EMR

EHRs designed for podiatry facilities come with a number of useful features that can help specialists in providing better patient care and conducting daily tasks in a more efficient manner. Some of the podiatry EHR features which users love the most are listed below:

●      Podiatry Note Templates

Podiatry specialists enter a wide range of clinical data, which is why they require tailor-fit note templates that are designed to cater to the specialty’s unique workflows. These can include a diverse range of treatment areas, such as pre- and post-operative care, diabetic care, wound care, pediatric podiatry, sports medicine, and more.

●      Cloud-Based Deployment And Remote Access

Podiatry facilities need the ease and scalability that come with the integration of mobile solutions into cloud-based EHRs. Specialists working in this medical field need to access clinical data from several remote locations to offer effective care on the go and to meet the data portability needs of their organizations.

●      Speech Recognition

The best EMR for podiatry includes a speech recognition functionality to expedite manual workflows and data entry while improving patient engagement, mostly in busy clinics.

●      Meaningful Use Guidance

Meaningful Use guidance should come with every good EHR platform. Like professionals working in other ambulatory practices, podiatrists also need to be a part of government-based incentive programs, but for that they have to meet certain criteria.

Top 5 Podiatry EMR Software

1.     CareCloud Charts

Designed by podiatrists for podiatrists, CareCloud Charts offers a comprehensive health recording solution at an affordable price. The software comes with podiatry-specific content, features, templates, and more. There are billing rules, such as discrete data capture for documenting abductions, to save clinicians time and effort while assembling claims. Its powerful rules engine helps users collect every dollar by submitting clean claims and offering guidance from dedicated client managers. Moreover, powerful analytics and reporting tools give you useful insights into your revenue process.

2.     PrognoCIS

Another best EMR for podiatry, PrognoCIS is a healthcare company that offers a powerful suite of EHR solutions. It is best suited and top-rated for podiatry practices of all sizes. The platform offers integrated modules for EHR, Practice Management, and patient portal systems. PrognoCIS is a fully customizable and specialized software solution appreciated by hundreds of podiatry settings and podiatrists all across the nation. It is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified as well as HIPAA-compliant. In addition, its cloud-based interface requires minimal investment and set-up costs during the implementation phase. All in all, the software comes fully-packed with useful features, from scheduling patient visits, e-prescribing medications, to generating E&M codes for visits.

3.     Eclinicalworks

The next podiatry-specific EMR software we want to talk about is eClinicalWorks, which is an award-winning integrated EHR and practice management solution that delivers technology throughout the process of patient care. This leading health IT vendor has a growing network of 850,000 providers worldwide and 130,000 medical professionals across the US. The platform is loved by podiatrists for enabling them to provide the best possible care for their patients. It is an experienced player in the health IT industry and delivers solutions to meet the needs of multiple specialties around the globe. Moreover, the software delivers interoperability solutions through Carequality and CommonWell to let podiatrists access previous encounters of their patients.

4.     Sammy EHR

Founded 30 years ago, Sammy EHR is a popular software choice for small to midsize podiatry facilities. Apart from the health recording solutions, the vendor offers practice management tools to let you efficiently manage your workflows and finances. The software provides customized solutions that offer enough flexibility to adapt to your practice’s unique needs. Its voice recognition feature lets clinical staff dictate notes quickly without having to remain seated in front of their systems. Moreover, you can use this software on any internet-enabled device. Hence, it doesn’t require you to purchase expensive hardware.

5.     AdvancedMD

Founded in 1999, AdvancedMD has been delivering innovative healthcare IT solutions for more than two decades. The platform is continuously evolving to adapt to the contemporary innovative changes in the healthcare landscape. It meets and satisfies all the HIPAA and MACRA requirements and is also browser agnostic. The software also delivers mobile solutions to let podiatrists stay connected at the point of care with the help of a mobile app, AdvancedMobile. Always keeping ahead of its competitors, AdvancedMD aims to deliver a keeper-solution for podiatry facilities so they can provide the best patient care possible. In addition, the system keeps updating its features so that you can access the latest tools within a user-friendly interface.

Final thoughts

With a whole lot of podiatry-specific EMR systems out there, it is quite understandable why finding the most appropriate solution for your practice can be a difficult task. The only way you can tackle this challenge is by considering your practice’s specific requirements, unique workflow patterns, and budget. We recommend you fully explore the above-mentioned best podiatry EMR software solutions, consider their pricing, read user reviews, and finally decide which one of them is likely to bring benefits to your plate in the long-run. For further information, visit Software Finder to book a demo for any of these products.



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